Advances in Management, Inc. (AIM) is a consulting firm that offers more than two decades of experience in planning, facilitating, managing and operating healthcare projects, public health programs and health information exchange. Our expertise is grounded in grass roots efforts to build interest, trust, buy-in and consensus among competing yet collaborating organizations to achieve a common goal.

Health Information Exchange Consulting

AIM consultants understand and have successfully facilitated the development of Health Information Exchange (HIE) organizations that are fully viable from an operations, adoption and a sustainability standpoint. Successful and sustainable HIEs are rare and challenging to bring to fruition. Many obstacles stand in the way; but these barriers are meant to be broken and the AIM team has helped numerous HIEs achieve such breakthroughs in a very practical way. We are a partner in our clients’ success and our team and services bring unparalleled, real-world, feet-on-the-street experience to designing HIE strategies that result in achieving the right operational and technical infrastructure to support sustainable, interoperable health information exchange, based on each community’s needs and culture.

Other Health Programs & Activities

AIM’s customers also include state public health programs, mental health agencies, disabilities advocacy organizations, federally qualified health centers (FQHC), and community organizations. Some of the services we have provided for these clients include:
  • Coalition Planning, Launch and Management
  • Community-Based Program/Project Implementation and Management
  • Fund Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Event/Conference Planning and Facilitation


The mission of AIM is to help our clients aim to be the best, while providing a service that engenders a positive impact on society. Our primary business objectives are to:
  • Support our customers in developing the operational and financial infrastructure to provide high quality, sustainable services to their clients.
  • Become leaders in health care consulting services to improve patient care, improve health care efficiency and manage health care costs.
  • Engage in meaningful work that improves the lives of vulnerable populations.